Milkyway Galaxy aka Home.

We are all Astronauts. Imagine Steering a Solar system through the Universe, Now how about a Galaxy.

Entertain this thought, What if we could harness the power of the sun (or other untapped unknown planetary power sources) to navigate the universe with our solar system attached, or Harness the Milkyways Blackhole/Energy stored inside to navigate the Universe with our Galaxy attached? Imagine Steering a Solar system through the universe, now how about a Galaxy, from a moment, imagine it has been modified into a spacecraft on a Multigenerational/life base Mission that could take 2.5 Billion years..Bear with me now, according to Medium this is only an 8 Minute Read.

Now, lets start at the beginning. Our Universe is 13.8 billion years young (not old). One Galactic Rotation in the Milkyway (our Galaxy) is roughly 225–250 million years to revolve once around the galaxy’s center aka one Galactic Day. For the Gregorian calendar 365 days, it’s 91 billion, 250 thousand days for one full rotation around our galaxy.

Our Solar system has only existed for 4.571 billion years meaning our Solar System has only been around for 18.284 Galactic Days according to the gregorian calendar of 365 days. Stars like our Sun last about nine or 10 billion years, meaning we are about halfway through our Solar cycle of life.

We are all Astronauts, Our Planet is just one mouse hole on a massive galactic base Spaceship zooming 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour depending on your measurement, around our Sun (Aka our Life Support, Aka our Energy supply/Engine) for our tiny mouse hole blue marble. Consider that our tiny Mouse Hole Could steer a solar Ship or Galactic ship. With that in mind, we would couldn’t possibly attempt this alone. We would need Galatic Alliances and Friendships, or self-replicating Automation-based life that could perform preprogrammed tasks, and Terraforming of Biological, and Mechanical Beings working together to run it. creating, and nurturing all life for A Grand Design of making it controllable.The Majority of Any Extraterrestrial crafts to visit us would be unmanned rather than manned vehicles for many reasons in my opinion.

We, Homosapien 300,000 years, We migrated out from East Africa roughly 70–50,000 years ago. The oldest form of writing is 6 thousand years old (for 300,000 yrs of history I find that odd that there is nothing earlier, but perhaps it was drawn in the dirt. How long will it take for us to Migrate to other Planets and Solar Systems? Or will we not Preserve our Planet, our Tree of Life as it should be, and let the life on it evolve and join us eventually. Once a bird is strong enough, it leaves the nest to build new ones, perhaps that is our purpose to leave here, and turn dead planets into living ones like a painter with a blank canvas, or a dreamer with a pen, to plant our seeds throughout the galaxy/universe and in the imagination of those that follow. When will we stop crawling and start running?

Cuneiform script- Iraq 3200–400 B.C

Right now the closest Galaxy or spacial body neighbor to us is 158,200 light-years away Known as LMC the Large Magellanic Cloud, it is on a collision course with us carrying with possible life that without a doubt would want information on our galaxy before the collision. after that, 2.5 million light-years away is the Andromeda Galaxy which is also on a collision course, and also the third biggest, 2.73 million light-years (ly) from Earth, the Triangulum Galaxy. Perhaps The Large Magellanic Cloud or dwarf galaxy (aka small galaxies) which might be easier to steer so high migration mite occur.

Large Magellanic Cloud

According to Astrophysicist Christopher Conselice at the University of Nottingham, UK, Mergers tend to leave galaxies with an asymmetric, clumpy appearance, and, based on a computer analysis of these characteristics. Similar to a Starburst galaxy which he believes is the result of two galaxies merging.

Example of a Starburst Galaxy

Data Taken from the Hubble Space Telescope to study 21,902 massive galaxies as they would have appeared when the Universe — now roughly 13.7 billion years old — was between 5.2 billion and 11.2 Billion. Because each of the galaxies was imaged at just one moment in their evolution, Astrophysicist Christopher Conselice and the rest of his team concluded that almost all galaxies, Nearly all massive galaxies have undergone at least one major merger since the Universe was 6 billion years old. There has been a significant decline in mergers since the Universe was about 7 billion years old, coincides along with a decrease in star formation.

Andromeda will be colliding into the Milky Way about 5 billion years from now, Changing the constellations and night sky if there any remaining of Earth’s creatures who can see them. There is also one that will hit us sooner, it’s much smaller, its called the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), It will actually collide with the Milky Way about 2.5 billion years, Our Sun Will still be alive but near the end of its life cycle with a remaining 2.5 billion years before it fizzles out and goes nova. 2.73 million light-years (ly) from Earth in the Triangulum Galaxy also, which is the third-largest in local galaxies.

Now make a Leap with me, dream the impossible dream for a moment. Guided Natural Space Travel (A Solar System or Galaxy direction through space is controlled and steered by sentient life) instead of Naturally Guided Space Travel (without interference). I argue that where there is a will there is a way maybe we could be the first and that we can turn our Solar System turned into a craft of sorts to travel our galaxy and maybe other galaxies with (if we had a replacement sun).

Now go a step bigger, if that’s possible why not our own galaxy could be turned into a perfectly running Massive Craft that could travel the Universe, maybe something larger and grander than our current possible comprehension. Controlling a black hole's directional spin and axis of different planets, possibly harvesting, controlling with similar mechanics to that of a Dyson sphere.

Milkyway Galaxy (National Geographic)

Perhaps it's a possibility that as you read this maybe our own galaxy even the solar system is already being guided for some grand purpose by a Sentient Life that beat us to this very idea of being able to steer a solar system and or Galaxy, and has mastered it already. Perhaps they come from a starburst galaxy( 3 million yrs in ours to form a star, its 33 x that in a starburst galaxy or 200 solar masses per year — 100 times our own Milky Way Galaxy’s current star-formation rate.) Or maybe long dead but their advanced automation keeps the plan going. Maybe their life spans thousands, maybe millions of what we call years based on their evolution of soul, mind. and body. If that is the case, then More than Likely Another Civilization on another planet with its own Sentient Life has Already tried, maybe even fail. One Example 2 Galaxys Colliding, purposely to Force Acceleration by merging galaxies so that way they could get more resources, power, and stronger Alien Sentient AI’s through mergence with other Alien AI’s that are different in structure, information, coding, and age, Stronger biological-based lifeforms through Galatic imposed Darwinism and the forced singularity of two Galaxy. Right before that, there would be high traffic of sentient life from both Galaxys traveling to and from before the collision, possible piracy, and military-based defenses, along the border, many though would still pass through to gathering and sharing resources, technology, data, etc if the galaxy was a vehicle or not. My bet is Sentient life of both galaxies are aware of this event, and preparing contingencies, along with exploration for like minds for a transition and emergence of culture and technology.

Image of the Andromeda Galaxy

With the right telescope and equipment, it might be possible to spot one of these “Galaxy base ships” by examining Starburst galaxies. The average distance between galaxies is about one million light-years. As I said before, right now the closest Galaxy to us is 158,200 light-years away Known as LMC the Large Magellanic Cloud, after that, 2.5 million light-years away is the Andronima Galaxy. We would want to search for ones that are closer in distance from another Similar to ours LMC and Adronima. For early detection of these or even life, both galaxies would Dance very close but not touching but distance far enough to travel, and on the out edge of both galaxies near the horizon where they mite touch, there would be life-supporting planets used for trade back and forth between both galaxies, traveling the gap between both. The average distance between galaxies is about one million light-years. Secondly, They would want to protect all “resources and life support systems” such as Suns like ours or similar to their own, and Life supporting Planets, with preexisting life, along with those solar systems, especially ones with young solar systems near older solar systems, that could be crafted to possibly to support the old solar system life once its sun dies.

Most importantly the Acceleration of the merging of two black holes into one, to compliment and hold Galatic size and slow or make inert the acceleration or creation of Starburst Galaxies. End of Ramble and my thoughts on the matter.

Hope you enjoyed my daydreaming thought. o be Frank, all of this came to me in a dream. had a dream that my family was on sitting in the backyard of an old house on earth, my father passed the controls to the solar system to me. My brother controlled a Dyson sphere wrapped around our sun that harvested energy. The energy used moved the planets away from the sun and retract back to it in repetitive motion in different directions at different points of rotation. It did this so that way it was able to move along in three-dimensional space. It even sped up the spinning faster of each planet. Every planet had a clear shell that protected it from speed and radiation, gravity wave fluctuations. If you were looking down at the solar system, It moved very much like one cell or multi small cellular microorganism thank you for your time and After all, we are the end result of the combined evolution of stardust of many dead stars, so shine on. After all, today’s realities are yesterday’s absurdities.

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