Opinion- I will say what we are all Thinking/speculating, Why does it feel that the results from the Iowa Caucus and De Moines Iowa Poll were not published for the same reason?


The official Iowa Caucus Results


“A rising tide lifts all boats”

I feel this quote fits, Given the current political state of things. With 97% of the #IowaCaucus now reporting It is neck and neck between Pete and Bernie. Now, the DNC Chairman Tom Perez calls for Recanvasing despite the previous screw-ups. What is strange is how the data was released giving seemingly it seems an edge to others with a false narrative/perception when it was neck and neck… Was it done to give a Candidate an edge in #NHcaucus #NewHampshire #Democraticprimary #2020election.

I will just say what we are all Thinking/speculating. Why does it feel like the results from the Iowa Caucus and De Moines Iowa Poll were not published for the same reason? It’s like the DNC and corporate media did not want their results published because it shows a change within the party they don’t want to acknowledge. The Poll From De Moine was central to all voters. But it was held back at the request of both CNN and A Pete Butiegeg Poller who didn’t get asked about Pete, days before an election, something that the people of Iowa have relied on for years and it has bee released without fail. Then you have IowaReporterApp, developed a start up company that has ties to both Butigeg and those that made the app were e alums of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Then If that kind of incompetence once, ok I get it we are all human. But if it happens twice for me it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Sadly in regards to politics, I think the only way to create a new moderate ground or redefined middle is to have both extremes playout and create one again, during this passing of the torch and realignment of political policies within the respective parties. We have only seen the beginning of the great decay, there will be more propaganda (fake voice, deep fake videos, and fake articles) extreme bent on defining the political tides of the 21st century. A respective Moderate didn’t win (aka Biden, Pete, Amy) and a Progressives won (Bernie, Warren, Yang who rank really well and do not get the coverage they deserve). Rather than give credence to the Progressive awakening, and generational change within the party, maybe they rather hold back the results of the pool and possibly fudge the final counts of the caucus giving “new” or “Corrected” or “updated” results through the coming weeks for the caucus results, in their final true form that doesn’t fit their Iowa Democratic Chair or maybe the DNC or the Corporate Media’s narrative.

A Progressive change is dangerous to the Status Quo. A possible change this big is dangerous to establishment politics for many reasons within the party, but also without. For it would almost guarantee a change of the current establishment positions/jobs within the Democratic National Committee and challenge the current corporate establishment narrative against such bold generational change. For that “bold changes” is dangerous to those that control so much of the preexisting structure and system economically and politically. So to protect both they held them back. I am saying this as speculatory, it could be as simple as a failure at the top of Iowa’s DNC Chair and cabinet to assemble something close to competence, and the establishment was so disorganized that this proves again their failures of leading.

The original Des Moines Iowa Poll was not written by a basement blogger, but someone who broke into an abandon log cabin in July 1849. His name Barlow Granger began the paper by the Racoon River. It was then Called the Iowa Star. In 1854 it became the Iowa Statesmen, 3 years later it changed its name again to Iowa Statesmen Journal and Published Frequently. For Thirty plus years it competed with a republican paper called the Iowa State Register. In 1933 It set up its own Bureau in Washington D.C so it could be closer to the National Narrative. The most Print ever generated happened in the 1960s, with 250,000 Daily Papers and 500k Sunday Editions. They even Setup a Radio Station in 1955 called KRNT-AM and MRNT TV their TV station in Iowa. But it wasn’t until 1943 that it began the statewide opinion polls, which were based around George Gallup’s National Poll. By 1985 the paper has been through many different owners and the only other paper to win more Pulitzer Prizes was the New York Times. The profits of the paper were not doing well, and by 2012 after 95 years they had to move and sell their building, which ended becoming apartments, and retail space. During the 2011 election, twenty-four days before the Iowa caucuses, the newspaper endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Romney. In 2015 called for Trump to drop out of the race. Both recent conservative Endorsements misunderstanding of the current national narrative of non-boomers sentiment and struggles. Their recent actions/Endorsements only shows and prove’s a disconnect between the paper their polls and those that create/control the narrative. For if you control the narrative, you can control the question.

First, you must ask yourself who creates the questions, not who asks it. I feel as if its Wizards of Oz 2.0 in the 21st century. and the media is the curtain of those that control the narrative. Listen to the questions being fed into this teleprompter/earpiece corporate mouthpiece. Also when observing coverage of all candidates, ask yourself this; why is their not equal coverage? Equal alloted Time? An equal amount of interviews to all candidates? Did the big of Major National Media Like ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ETC do this? IS what they say and what they do one of the same? After all, they pride themselves on balance and fairness, not teleprompter journalism feeding a corporate narrative, right? When these polls take place there are done by people owned by the De Moines paper who creates the polls might have already had a candidate chosen and been biased or the De Moines Paper overall Higharchys candidate mite have already been chosen and their mite be biased. Both creating the possibility that the poll was tainted, I understand not releasing a poll because of an “incompetence”, but now caucus result disputed, and a DNC Chair asking for recanvasing after his own Iowa DNC incompetence to run a caucus and with 3 percent remaining of caucus results, that does not for me pass the smell tests for me, I don't know about you, just my opinion.



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